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Boomerang clothes

So a few years ago a friend of mine, who wears about the same size clothes offered me a look through her Goodwill pile... She said, take what you want, and then give the rest away. A fair enough deal...
 As I perused through the bag she would offer ways to wear things, where she had gotten them etc. It was a nice little hand off. Of course the deal was, take what you want, but then it was my responsibility to give the rest away... Smart!  That way she wouldn't have to resist the urge to pull a few things out of the bag she may have been on the fence about. She really likes clothes, so it took a while. But eventually I walked away with a few new things... the rest I hauled down to the Goodwill.

A few months later it was my turn to do some downsizing and I offered her the same deal. She gladly obliged and sifted through my castaways... but this time I was on the other side of the bag. I was offering my advice on what to pair it with, how certain things fit, etc, and it became clear to me that having an exchange like this was a good psychological lesson too.

A few things I had been on the fence about... I sadly watched as she didn't even give a second thought about, and it slapped me right in the face with a harsh reality... Those few items I had fussed about whether or not to give up... were really nothing to fuss about at all. It kind of made me feel good after awhile. Knowing that I had a second opinion... that sparkly going out top I wore on a first date... was in dire need of another date, and it wasn't mine. 

But there were of course a few things I watched her put in her take home pile that made me a little sad to see go, but, glad to know were still not quite gone... boy was I right...

Just a few weeks ago that friend called me for another exchange date. As usual she handed over the bag, and I took a seat to sift. It had been about a year since the handoff from me to her, but it's amazing how fast you forget. As I pulled a few things from the bag I thought, "hey I had a shirt like this"... or "wow, these are just like that pair of pants I loved so much in high school... wait!?"

You can guess what happened... ha! We had returned to that bag I originally gave her, with a few new additions. Yep, a few of those pieces I had reluctantly handed over were now back in my court. Ready for round 2 of the elimination process. Some... sadly were very clearly due for a new owner, but some... I was ecstatic to welcome home. 

Cargo pants are back! ha 
(for all you fellow Big Bang Theory fans)

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  1. It'd be worse if you ended up buying something at Good Will that she had in her donation back. Just sayin' :)