The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso


Is today worth using the good conditioner?

 If I'm just going to shower again later, should I wait to put on lotion?

That's when you really start to appreciate those products that do three things in one. 
 For example...
I have one face lotion that is supposed to be a super hydrator. 
Then, there's the lotion that's a moisturizer and has a bit of a tint in it - for days you need a little color.
And one time... I bought some sort of under eye moisturizer that has gold flecks in it... I'm confessing... let's not add insult to injury - I'm sure it was a gimmick and I bit... hook line and sinker.

But then... there is the Aveeno moisturizer, tinted, SPF 30 that does it all. 

After buying all the others of course I found the one I prefer... too bad. Already got suckered into all those other products and now more lessons learned. Each and every time I put on face lotion that doesn't do it all, I will become more and more loyal to the ones who do, and well aware of those that come up short.

Or how about shampoo and conditioner? I love, love, love the smell of Salon Selectives. 
I know! I was as surprised as you are that they still make the stuff! I bought a very large bottle of it for fear it might never be seen again. 
Yep - that's a 32 ouncer. 

It's not the best product on the market, but i love the smell (we've had this discussion)... therefore, I've decided not to use it on days my hair needs to look good. 

Do you see how much thought has to go into all this??

 I was hoping the stock would slowly diminish but I'm afraid I'm going to have half used bottles of all different kinds of stuff, because they're all needed for different reasons.... uggh. 

"It's all about priorities" - my dad always says. I'm sure he's rolling his eyes over prioritizing my toiletries, but welcome to the confusing world of being a girl :)

In the end - I'm learning that I should stick with the stuff that works. Prioritize my purchases and I wouldn't have this problem. Be strong and don't get sucked into purchase I don't really need. 

And I'm learning that there is always a full stock of body soap in the dispenser at the gym - so if I do run out completely of body wash - which is likely... I guess that's a good reason to visit my friends over at the good ol' YMCA. And they sell Xenergy!!! that's "a whole nother" post. (click on that link and you'll learn something today)

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  1. Annie,

    Can you please blog about Xenergy. That is a personal request from me :)

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