The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

The supplies...

In case there was any question... I took an inventory of what I have to work with for the next year. I don't know exactly how long this will get me through, but I'm pretty sure other people do with a lot less, so it will have to do.

After digging under the sink and sorting what was what, here is what I found for shampoo and conditioner.
I travel a lot for my job so the days I'm not home using this stuff - I use whatever is at the hotel. 

A lot of people asked about sunscreen...There's also one currently in my gym bag.

Originally... I, myself was concerned about the toothpaste dilemma...especially after my recent trip to the dentist. Looks like we're doing ok in this department too. What's funny about this picture is that if you had asked me if I had a preference on toothpaste brands I would have assured you I didn't... Clearly I do. ha!

I don't "do" my hair all that often. Just when I'm on camera, or the occasional night out... and yet I seem to have an awful lot of "hair products". I'm not sure this stock will look much different in a year, although not getting any larger will be a good start.

I'm an advocate for hydrating your skin - for sure. I'm a little concerned about this stock, but like I said, people do with a lot less...

In no particular order... these are the supplies I have to work with in the toiletry department for the next year... (minus the hair products, toothpaste and lotion - they didn't fit in that tub... and that's why I'm doing this :)

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  1. Keep it up, Annie! Its a good cause. Jim is out of toothpaste! ;)