The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso


I love a good deal. I was raised to look for the best deal, even if that meant you went to three different grocery stores. Henry's has the best deals on produce, Von's may have the best price for GoLean Crunch, and Trader Joes has the best price and best tasting, makes 2 cookie sheet sized, garlic and herb pizza doughs on the market for a measely $1.29. Now that's... a good deal.

But I found my weakness. It all started with Groupon... I mean come on... you can save up to 90% off the retail price! Nascar racing experiences, slimming treatments, sailing lessons, that personalized photo book you've been eying, definitely things a person NEEDS!... and that's how it started.

As an independent contractor I don't have dental insurance. Showing some self restraint, my first purchase was for something I really did need. Groupon found me a great deal on dental services! I ended up having 4 cavities and certainly spent more than the original $40 for $140 for the checkup and cleaning - but they really are great people over there at Complete Dental Health. Why wouldn't you go back to a dentist that keeps baked goods in the lobby for you while you wait... and then offers you a free flower when you leave, every time. 

Then... it was Spray tanning, yoga classes, pilates classes...

The other day I looked at my husband and said, "we should go use that deal I got for $20 towards $40 worth of food at that restaurant down the street." 
He looked at me and said, "we should also probably try to use up those massages you bought us we haven't used, and the skydiving package."

Skydiving. yes. skydiving... "It was a good deal" I managed through the tears of laughter. That moment may have been the tipping point. 

Forgive me. I have ADD. The point of this story is that my friends have asked if I'm unsubscribing from all those emails for this year. I thought about it. But I've seen a few episodes of the Biggest Loser and I know they put those people in rooms full of pizza and sweets to make them stronger. And eventually, they have to go home and walk to the register, past the candy bars just like everybody else, and they have to learn to deal with it. 

And so I will awake every morning to the 10 new emails proclaiming 95% off magazine subscriptions, 50% off BBQ and music lessons... and I will say no, to "deals"... I don't need. At least for one year :)

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