The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Hair on the wall...

I don't think I used to lose this much hair... Luckily I have been asking around and I don't think I'm alone. For awhile I was worried it was some omen, but from the scientific research I've conducted (polling my friends who are willing to be honest and level with me and by some careful observations) it's common, and apparently not life threatening...

The realization began in college I think. I usually had roommates who had dark brown hair, I have blonde, therefore it was harder for them to keep their secret than it was for me :)

Either way, it seems I should have bought stock in Drano ( I thought it was spelled Draino too... it makes more sense that way right?)

Well in order to combat the required purchase of so much Drano I started putting the strands of hair I would pull out of my head onto the wall of the shower. Now I understand the initial thought of this may gross you out, but I know many of you, maybe most of you, know exactly what I'm talking about, and probably do the same thing.

Sure I've tried buying the hair catcher to put over the drain, but what do you do when you're at someone else's house and they don't have a hair catcher?  You put it on the wall, and then throw it in the garbage, that's what you do.

This was a secret tactic of mine for many years. But as we get older and stop pretending like everything is perfect, we start leveling with each other.

Like...Perhaps those nightly dinners of quinoa, fresh steamed veggies and fish occasionally turns into a big ol pizza from the cash only place down the street (that was me last night in fact)

or the new dog who is just so cute and wonderful sheds like crazy and you have now realized that putting on a black outfit must be done moments before you head out the door... (also a plight of mine, but he sure is great)

or... you put your hair on the wall of the shower to avoid clogging the drain and once in a while, forget to throw it away and it grosses someone out. Whatever.

Well as much as I love what Drano has done for me in the past, I'm not so sure the pipes in our 1912 apartment can handle that many chemicals, that often. And... I have this whole thing about not trying to buy things for a year... so this is my disclaimer.

I take the hair that falls out of my head when I wash it, and I put it on the wall of the shower. If you come to my house I will do my best to throw it away so you never have to see it. But I am not perfect, and so you may have to play witness to a hidden reality women all over the world are secretly doing in their bathrooms. And here is my official pledge to try and catch more hair before it goes down the drain so I won't have to go through more than the 80 fl. ounces I currently have.

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  1. I do the same thing, have for many many years. I also have been grossing Nick out for all those years...I sometimes forget to peel it off the wall and throw it away!! Oh well, a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do!!