The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Gummy pennies...

I'm finding more crap in bags stashed everywhere. Now I'm not coming across entire bottles of anything, but you know what I have found an excess of... gum... Mainly torn in half... slightly gross, pieces of gum.

Part of my natural "saving" mentality is to only eat half a stick of gum (or maybe it's because my mom would only give me a half a piece as a kid?).

Well, surprisingly enough, my mouth isn't that big. It may be loud, but it isn't big.
Have you ever had your jaw hurt from chewing a big ol' wad of gum? Well a half stick is just right for me... it's the other half that I feel sorry for.

These seem to have escaped relatively unscathed, but inevitably they'll end up in the bottom of a bag with lint and paper all over them... or I think to use up those coins rattling around in the bottom of my bag only to find they're all half covered in sticky (un-chewed) but now kind of unusable coins (well unusable in the sense that you'd rather not put the cashier through the pain of touching them, and then get that unescapable dirty look - but really...  do you think you're going to go home and wash them?? yeah right.)

                            The worst part about this picture is that it's not just pennies...

But, money is money... Take it from the owner of this restaurant I went to the other day... He tried to pay his credit card bill with pennies. (although they were clean...)

Back to the point - even though mentally I'm getting twice as much gum out of a pack by eating only half pieces... it isn't a reality if all the other halfsies are being eaten by my change, and ruining the insides of my bags.

Here are my thoughts.

1. I could start eating full sticks of gum so my jaw hurts like crazy, and eventually give up gum all together, in turn not ever wasting any gum. (but I love gum)

2. I could always put my gum in ziploc bags so at least if the halfsies start deteriorating on me they're still clean enough to eat... (chances are slim I would actually remember to do that.)

C. I could just mentally get over the thought that I'm somehow being less wasteful and face reality.

4. OR...      Could we petition gum companies to make pieces smaller? Let's be serious, in today's world it's all about options...

Not sure how to solve this dilemma just yet, will have to let you know...

Gum counts as food - right?


Dot -is a character on MADtv. I have to imagine I was much like her when I was a kid... ok, maybe even today. She has a funny line in this particular skit about "unusable nickels" - nothing to do with gum, but pretty funny. If you're into that sort of stuff.

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