The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Flying purple people eaters!

Do you remember that song? I had it on a record, the round, black, old school kind of record. It had a few songs I can remember!

(I'm learning new stuff all the time with this new blog thing... so did you know that when words are colored - it means you can click on them and they'll take you to fun websites??
 - I am not trying to belittle. In fact, I was informed by my mother just the other day that it is possible to Google.... wait for it... ANYTHING! ha ha. She cracks me up. So in case you're reading Ma... go ahead and click on all the pretty colored words. Love, Annie Bananie your best friend)

Anyway... I was recently asked about the rule on new running shoes, to which I replied, I'm very fortunate that I work for an athletic company who makes sure I'm always in new kicks... I should add that I'm also very fortunate that I have wonderful friends who work for other athletic companies who ALSO make sure I'm outfitted in the newest, sweetest color sneaks around. 

I arrived at the studio the other day and a box was anxiously awaiting my arrival - inside...

My sweet new flying purple people eaters... 

You probably don't watch TriCenter (although you should, and if you click on that link, it will help me keep my job, which will help keep me fed, because we all know what I get like when I haven't eaten...:) 

If you did watch the show you would know that I have a crush on Mirinda Carfrae, - the reigning women's Ironman World Champion. We all call her "Rinny"

On a side note....I actually confessed my love to her (not the mushy kind of love... the "I wanna swim like you, run like you, bike like you, have you over for casserole night sometime, kind of love). She mentioned me in her acceptance speech later... no big deal :)

Well I ran into Rinny in Oceanside California after a Half Ironman race, she won, and I asked her about her custom, K-Swiss running shoes

                                                           They say "Rinny" on the back

I wondered if they'd make me a faster runner - she wasn't so sure... 

Either way, I now have my first pair of K-Swiss shoes and boy are they itchin' for their first "flight". (code word we use instead of "outside, walk or run" because Thor, the dog, understands what those words mean now.)

Now... as awesome as these are, I mean they are purple and Neon green.... it created a moral dilemma. The goal of this year was not to accumulate more stuff. 

I mulled it over last night and this is what I've come up with as a solution.

 For every "gift" I get. I must in turn "give" something away. 

Well, I do have an abundance of running shoes, many of which are barely used, because I have so many. So... one in - one out! 

And after careful consideration...and a few tears (jk... it was more like ripping off toenails) I've made a choice. 

My niece is participating in her first triathlon 4 days before her birthday. She'll be 11.  
Chris McCormack "Macca", is the reigning Ironman World Champion. 
He is sponsored by Under Armour
Last year when I was in Kona - I was wearing these Under Armour shoes - and he won!

 There's gotta be some good Karma going on there....

Therefore, I have chosen to give my niece, my basically brand new pair of Under Armour sneakers for her first triathlon, which were worn at the Ironman World Championship where the Mens World Champion ran his way to his 2nd title- sponsored by Under Armour... 

Maybe if she's really good, we could even get them signed... :) Macca... are you listening? ha 

One in! One out...

P.S. I just re-read this post and I am all over the place... welcome to my ADD world.

Cliff Notes version:

My tri-crush and current womens Ironman world champion wears K-Swiss shoes.
The Current mens Ironman World Champion wears Under Armour.

(1+) I got a sweet pair of new K-Swiss shoes as a gift, but am trying not to accumulate more stuff...
(1-) I'm giving away my sweet pair of Under Armour Shoes to my niece for her first Triathlon.

1-1= 0     whew....


  1. wait, does your 11 year old niece have the same size shoe as you?

  2. That would be a really cruel gift if she wasn't... :) she also wears my clothes, and yes, they're her size too.