The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso


Back in May I made one of my last "new" purchases. It was some really pretty Papyrus stationary for a friend who loves that store. It was one of those purchases where you wanted to get one for yourself too! I refrained, but was lucky enough to get a note in the mail the other day, on that exact stationary, from that friend. A forgotten sentiment that I think should be re-ignited. Doesn't it feel great to get a handwritten note?

Anyway, it was even more beautiful than it looked in the box when I bought it!

I never realized how the pretty paper was on the inside of the envelope as well... nice job Papyrus. 

But what do you do with really great cards. You almost feel guilty throwing them away right? So I decided to share the love. I tore the portion off where the note was written to me (put it in my memory box) and decided the pretty top half would make a great postcard. Done.

Then there was that awesome envelope. But it had been written on (obviously addressed to me) so I had to think of a way to work around that...

I love paper bags. I can never throw them away. I use them for all sorts of things, and this looked like a perfect fit. Cut a piece to cover the front and up over the bottom, and extend the envelopes existing"wings" around the sides - and voila!

Now this the gift that just keeps on giving... 

The real question is, if the recipients were trying to do the same thing I am, what could they do with them next???

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  1. These revelations are real and humorous, you're doing more posts now as the details of what you've decided to do become evident. Keep going, it makes for good reading! I'm not cutting off new purchases for a year, but even saving here and there exposes me to some of what you've being doing... Go Annie!