The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

The Great Kindle Debate

Alright another dilemma.

Does buying a book on my Kindle count as a "new" purchase?

Technically "old" books I would buy from a Goodwill or something wouldn't be "new" but then there's the accumulation factor... and the Kindle purchases stay in the "cloud" - if you will...

I guess I have a little time to mull it over. I already have a few books I purchased on my Kindle I haven't read yet, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

On a side note, I did run across a John Steinbeck book recently that I'd never heard of. I purchased it before I had really thought too much about it... it was "used" as you can see.

It's non-fiction and was written in the early 60's by John Steinbeck as he traveled across the US for 3 months observing the changes our country had gone through. He mentions how accents started diminishing even then, the mass production of food had almost wiped out the unique flavors of certain areas...  and he even writes extensively about how much waste the world was creating.

If it was so blatently obvious to him 40 years ago, imagine what he would think if he saw it today...

Great read... might be one of my best .99 thrift store purchases.

My dad's an avid reader and was a high school english teacher for many years, so I got really excited at the opportunity to surprise him with a little gem of a read. I was certain it would be new to him too since I'd never heard him even mention the title before...

Me:    "Dad, I've got a book you're going to love! It's a John Steinbeck book, but his writing style in this one sounds a lot like your writing style"

My Dad: "You must be reading Travels with Charley... It's one of my favorites"

Lesson learned: It's hard to surprise old people :) They really have done it all.


  1. You can find a friend that has a kindle and download a book from theirs. That is not considered new, it is considered "recycled"!!

  2. I agree with Cerena !