The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

The "nurdle" isn't necessary

All the commercials show a full brush length of toothpaste. Complete with that perfect little tip at the end (known in the industry as a "nurdle".)

Well... it turns out, it's too much. Like most things we Americans do, we over do it.

When I sat down and looked at just how much stuff I had under my sink the other day I started wondering just how long it would last me. But then it dawned on me the real question was, how long it SHOULD last me.

I admit, I tend to overdo it on the conditioner. With long hair, it seems I need more than the average hair length person...right? And I had cavities at my last checkup so I should use more toothpaste... right?

I'm wrong. It says it right on the box (well some boxes), and all over the internet... All we need is a "pea size" amount of toothpaste...

Instead of so much toothpaste, I should probably strive to use up all that floss I've been collecting over the years. Lord knows my Groupon dentist would applaud that lofty goal.

So... the pea size amount of toothpaste has been enacted in my house... and the race to run out of floss by the end of the year is moving along at a snails pace :)

Using less conditioner - that's going to be a day to day battle... and of course those bottles even encourage you to "rinse and repeat!" if necessary. So that's why I always run out of conditioner first...

FYI - Two of the big toothpaste brands got in a fight over the "nurdle". pretty comical.

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