The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

the paper doll app

Last year I started getting a random catalogue in the mail. There were some cute clothes, but for the most part, not so great.  Not sure how I got on the mailing list, I'd certainly never heard of it before. However, the prices were decent and it meant I didn't actually have to walk into a mall or a store, that's the worst part for me, so I ordered a few things, last year.

I come home today (for all of 4 hours) and another random catalogue. Similar feel to the first one, but now the clothes are a little nicer and more expensive. And yet, it's still a company I've never heard of before (Boston Proper?)

Well I always say you're never too old to stop learning. right. So I try to stay "hip" as my dad always says. You know, be able to engage in conversation on the latest and greatest... what if this is the new Jordache?? I already miss out on all the "Saved by the Bell" references because I didn't have cable. So I open it up and take a look...

Now I'm not generally a window shopper... but..

I picked it up for a little look see. Flipping through, I was feeling pretty confident about this not buying anything new until... there it was. A great little dress that would be perfect for that upcoming trip...
-Ann, just throw the magazine away (actually recycle).
But temptation is temptation for a reason. I tried the psychology route, rationalizing how it probably wasn't good quality anyway, and
-Ann, whenever you order like this you tend to get the wrong sizes, and they never look the same as they do in pictures...
Yep... feeling better. Could wait until next year...

-What if, the dress isn't available next year? It will be "old" next summer. They may not even MAKE the thing next year. And it's a classic...I could definitely wear it again....(Sound familiar!??)

Wow, we really are a rationalizing bunch aren't we?

Well after a few hours being a little peeved, walking past the catalogue as it lay on the counter calling for me, I caved, and took another look.

When I thought about it, a lot of the outfits in there really weren't that "new". I mean I have a cute little cropped white jacket kind of like that one.

That sparkly shirt is actually just like that one I got for Vegas a few years back... and thought was too ridiculous to wear anywhere else, but shoot if she's wearing it.... with some shorts... apparently its fashionable!

It's really just that pouty face, a sweet spray tan, and standing against a bar with one leg kinda popped out and your back all arched that makes it look so much better than what I got.

Or I love this one. The outfit actually is something I LOVE, but really... when are you going to look like that wearing it??? ha

Maybe i should start taking pictures of myself in these outfits so that i can recall what I can do with what I've already got!

Too bad we don't have ourselves as paper dolls and when we bought clothes they came with a little paper doll outfit to match. We could mix and match our outfits without actually trying them on all the time!! Lester? are you picking up what I'm throwing down?? ha We'll see if we can't get a "Paper doll App"

Well Boston Proper, you seduced me in, you got me all upset but look who's winning now...
sure not paying $40 for the shorts, $119 for the jacket, or $80 for the sequined shirt (that sells for $10 at Forever 21 - 365 days a year :)

But thank you for the inspiration... I think I'll stick with the hardly used, overstocked closet of clothes I've invested in already. (and maybe a trip to the goodwill for the fillins)

Winning! - sue me charlie

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