The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

shun her...

so this has nothing to do with not buying anything new for a year but it seems like the Casey Anthony trial is on everyones minds right now... And because my mom the school teacher has been enthralled with this case all summer, and is losing her marbles right now.

Ok. So Casey Anthony's daughter is dead. fact.
She didn't say anything for a month. Fact.
Regardless of how the child died (accident or murder) she didn't tell anybody... for a month. Fact.
Isn't that enough? I'm not sure we really needed to go any further than that...

So she got off. Fact
Now she re-enters the real world. This is how I imagine her future...

"Hi, I'm Casey Anthony and I'd like a job here." - No
"Hi I'm Casey Anthony and I'd like to rent an apartment here." - No
"Hi I'm Casey Anthony and I'd like to be in your book club." - No

We all remember those junior high days when we were shunned for wearing Levi's instead of tight rolled Guess jeans...

Well America, here's our chance for redemption.
Shun Casey Anthony for the rest of her life.

No Casey I will not invite you to my Casserole night.
No Casey I will not invite you aboard my sweet bus on RAGBRAI.
No Casey I will not let you guest commentate on my blog, even if you do swear not to buy anything new for a year.
No Casey I will not buy your book about how you got away with murder because from what i've seen, talking in complete sentences or making any sense is not your forte...

And No Casey I will not let you dog sit for my little English Bulldog... because he does not know how to swim, and apparently you're not a very good lifeguard.

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